Artemis P12 PCP Air Rifle

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The SPA P12 air rifle is a Bullpup firearm - the 465 mm long barrel starting from the shooter's cheek leading into a long noise compensator. A compact design of the air rifle powered with air from the cartouche. The SPA P12 air rifle is a proof that even for a little money you can can ge a lot of music.

The stock of beech wood is ergonomic, with a bore and ambidextrous pistol grip. For the P12 air rifle a high capacity cartouche has been used - an air tank - 310 cm with filling through the QuickFeel with quick release coupling. The space for filling is at the front of the cartouche near the manometer under the screw-cap. The large cartouche is necessary, given that the basic model is manufactured in the power of 50 J which is on sale in the SR decreased to 16 J. Therefore, you have been guarateed a lot of shots on a single fill of the cartouche.

The P12 has, thanks to its Bullpup design, compact dimensions, and its overall length is 730 mm. At 3,370 grams, the weight of this model is also acceptable. The air rifle is not equipped with sights, it is envisaged that shooting will be at greater distances using a riflescope. For mounting a riflescope there is a 22 mm RIS rail. If you are interested in making your SPA P12 really accurate and stable, you can improve it with a pressure regulator that will ensure even better shooting performance.

  • Caliber: 5.5 mm 
  • Ammunition: leaden diabolo
  • Mechanism: compressed air
  • Mounting rail: 22 mm
  • Stock: wood - beech
  • Barrel length: 465 mm
  • Overall length: 730 mm
  • Weight: 3,370 g