Automatic Moving Target

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      • Automatic target system with adjustable speed
      • Three (3) target paddles move continually from left to right
      • Target dimensions: 25.5" x 7.5" x 7.5"
      • Target paddles 1.6" diameter each
      • Target paddles are spaced approximately 16" apart
      • Target paddles flip down when hit
      • Speeds adjust from 0 to 15 feet per minute
      • Uses six (6) AA batteries (not included)
      • Designed for use at a minimum distance of 10 yards
      • For use with airguns with muzzle energy not to exceed 20 fpe
      • Minimum recommended distances (for .177 caliber rifles and pistols):
        • For CO2 pellet pistols and rifles shooting between 300-600 fps: 10 yards
        • For rifles shooting 600-800 fps: 10-15 yards
        • For rifles shooting in excess of 800 fps: 20 yards or more

      Test your marksmanship with this Automatic Target. You control how fast the targets move and test your skill level to see how your shooting improves over time. If you don't hit the target paddle before it gets to the end it automatically flips down, and then resets before the next rotation.