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FX Impact Barrel Kit With Magazine

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  • Barrel
  • Pellet Probe
  • Magazine

In Caliber.25

Barrel Length: 600mm
Magazine: 16 Shots

One of the most innovative features of the FX Impact is the ability to switch out barrels and change the caliber of your air rifle in just seconds. And we're not exaggerating that it only takes seconds! Of course once you switch out your barrel, if you really know what you're doing, you can fine tune the hammer spring adjuster, internal regulator and power level to match your new caliber and weight of pellets. But that's the joy of owning an Impact, fine tuning it to get the type of performance that most other airguns fall far short of. This spare FX Impact barrel kit feature the telescoping shroud for sound reduction. Note, you won't need to purchase the caliber specific magazine for match this new FX barrel, It also includes one magazine.