Gamo Whisper Maxxim Air Rifle 5.5mm/0.22

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Gamo Whisper Maxxim Air Rifle

New high-powered air rifle of the brand Gamo, the Whisper Maxxim, Use the latest Whisper Maxxim sound reduction technology. Ergonomic synthetic stock.

Its new design includes the best tecnologies from GAMO to make the perfect air rifle.

​WHISPER MAXXIM  features the new silencing system: Whisper Maxxim, the RRR technology and a SAT adjustable trigger.

4.5 mm (.177) muzzle velocity 305 m/seg
5.5 mm (.22) muzzle velocity 220 m/seg
Weight 2.6 kg


· Maxxim Whisper Technology

· SAT Trigger

· Fiber optic sight and open sight

· Ventilated stock