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H&N Terminator Pellets, .22 Cal, 16.36 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct

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      SKU: 0451
    • .22 cal
    • 16.36 grains
    • Hollowpoint
    • 200 pellets

    H&N is considered by many to be the world's premier pellet maker. Besides their stable of highly regarded hunting pellets, they continue to innovate and bring out new shapes, products and designs. The Terminator is one such example. Made specifically for guns shooting a minimum of 12 ft-lbs. muzzle energy, the Terminator is designed for hunting and pest elimination.

    While most hollowpoint pellets literally have a hollow head, the H&N Terminator pellets have a small lead projection rising up from the center of the hollowpoint. Additionally, the edge of the hollowpoint has notches that are designed to help the pellet mushroom on impact, making it more effective than pellets without the notches.

    The world's only partitioned hollowpoint pellet!