JSB Green Match Light Weight .177 Cal, 7.72 Grains, Wadcutter, 500ct

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  • .177 cal
  • 7.72 grains
  • Wadcutter
  • 500ct
The JSB Match Diabolo Green Lightweight match pellets are perfect for shooters that are serious about 10m competition and want a pellet as accurate as their gun. No worries with these pellets about a bent skirt or weight deviation. These light weight wadcutters are hand-sorted with a magnifying glass to ensure exceptional quality. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, they weigh in at exactly 7.72 grains each and have a head size of 4.50 mm.

JSB pellets have an international reputation for high quality. Generally speaking, most air guns will deliver better accuracy when a JSB pellet is used.