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Kral Puncher Jumbo Dazzle PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm/0.22 - Camo with Interchangeable Spare 500cc Bottle

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Puncher Jumbo Dazzle is a brand-new PCP air rifle from Turkish manufacturer Kral Arms. This model will give you a large number of shots in one filling. The foldable stock and AR15 pistol grip give this rifle a tactical look. 

The barrel has a length of 580 mm and the muzzle is outfitted with the 1/2 UNF thread for sound moderator. The air cylinder has a capacity of 500 cc and the maximum filling pressure is 250 Bar. Once fully filled, it should give you about 150 shots at full power. This model comes with a spare air cylinder so you can have a grand total of 300 shots. Not many air rifles in its price range can achieve that.

The pressure gauge is located on the right side of the rifle. The filling probe is located on the opposite side and you can use it in combination with the included Quick-Fill adapter to fill the air cylinder.

This model comes with two magazines and each has a capacity of twelve pellets in caliber .22 (5,5 mm). The package also contains a single-shot tray and a practical bipod, which you can attach to the 22 mm Weaver rail located on the foregrip.

The manual safety is placed above the trigger and is easily reachable with your index finger. This rifle comes without iron sights but has the 11 mm / 22 mm mounting rail instead for scope attachment.

Key features

• Tactical design

• Up to 300 shots in one filling

• Two magazines

• Spare air cylinder

• Bipod

• 11 mm / 22 mm mounting rail