Scherell's SCHAFTOL Stock Oil by Ballistol - Light

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SCHAFTOL® originates from the house of "Jagd- und Sportwaffenfabrik Scherell & Co" which was founded in 1834.  SCHAFTOL® was developed in the twenties of the last century by Oswald Scherell, Berlin, the leading Prussian gunsmith of that time, on the basis of his daily practical experience.

Many of today's sporting guns have gunstocks of oiled wood which easily absorb water & may warp & crack on drying.

Gun Stock Oil does not provide permanent protection

SCHAFTOL is a specific gun stock oil made from natural substances with a small addition of silicone offering optimum preservation of the gunstock, making it weather resistant & preventing the formation of roughness & staining

SCHAFTOL® is the leading European product for gunstock conservation with best international success and acceptance. SCHAFTOL® is also ideally suited for treating other wooden objects, especially fine and precious woods, antiques and furniture.

Detailed instructions for use are enclosed with the product