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Gelvor Gel Blaster Rifle GB-01

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Model: Gelvor GB-01
Color: Yellow and Grey
Ammunition: 7.5mm water beads
Velocity: 200FPS
Fire rate: Up to 11 rounds per second
Max power: Less than 0.4J
Modes: Full Auto
Magzine Capacity: 500+ rounds
Battery capacity: 1800MAH
Battery charge time: 4 hours
Life time: 120000-150000times
Recommended age: 14+
Weight: 1.3KGS
Dimensions: 730mm*47mm*315mm

How do I use gel beads?
  • To prepare the beads, just add them to any container, fill the container with water, and let them soak for up to 4 hours.

Are Gelvor gel beads non-toxic?
  • Absolutely! They are made of a non-toxic, biodegradable material. You can play for hours without any worries about what you're leaving behind.

Can I buy replacement clips, gel beads and...
  • Of course, you can! We offer extra Gelvor Water Beads , Clips and rechargeable Battery Pack .