Airgun Slugs

Take your hunting to the next level with airgun slugs. Slugs have a flatter trajectory than pellets and they fly with more energy to bring down that deer or elk of your dreams. If you hunt you already know how to make the perfect shot on game. Try big bore slugs and it'll get even better. Plus there are some rifles that are awesome at shooting airgun slugs.

Big bore slugs come in .357, .45, and .50 calibers. Small bore slugs come in .177, .20, and .22 calibers. For medium game and pests, you'll want .25 and .30 calibers. While big bore slugs are the perfect hunting ammunition for large game, small bore slugs are just as perfect for small game hunting. For faster, flatter flight with hard hitting power, airgun slugs (also known as air gun slugs) are the best tool for the job. Buy all your slugs at Shooter's Den