Vevor (Water Cooled) Portable PCP Electric Compressor 12v/220v - Auto Stop (Orange) With Built-in 12v Terminals

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Perfect To Carry Around In The Field, Can Be Powered With Car Battery As Well As Normal Electric Supply. Fills Up Your PCP Airguns On The Go.

Portable 12 Volt HPA Compressor
Model: 220V-110V-12V
Volume: L34 x W17 x H27 (CM)
Weight 8.8KG
Cooling Method: Water Cooled
Compression Mode: 3 Stage Compression

Power Supply :12V DC
Power: 350W
Inflation Pressure: 30MPA or 4500psi
Charging Rate: 13Min/0.45 Liter Tank 0-30MPA (300 Bars)

  • Set Pressure & Auto-stop: This PCP air compressor features an adjustable pressure gauge and visible thermometer. You can preset the pressure, and the machine will shut off automatically. Meanwhile, an LED temperature display also is convenient for you to monitor the compressor. Parameter: Power 350W, Max. Pressure 4500Psi, Inflating Rate 2700 R/min.
  • Home or Car Battery: The portable PCP compressor can be directly powered by a 12V car battery outdoors or a 110V/220V socket at home. It is very convenient to fill your PCP air gun or paintball tank anywhere. The maximum inflation tank is limited to 0.4 Gal/1.5 L. A 0.5 L tank will take 18 minutes from 0 to 300Bar and 5 minutes from 200 to 300Bar.
  • Built-in Adapter & Water: This PCP airgun compressor is cooled by a built-in Water,  and the power converter is also built-in, easy to operate. The cooling Water is controlled manually; please shut off the compressor and keep the cooling Water running when the temperature reaches 70 ℃.
  • Oil/Water Separator: Our PCP air gun compressor adopts a built-in oil/water separator, an activated carbon separator on the hose, enabling you to use it repeatedly. It can efficiently filter oil and water in the air and output clean and dry high-pressure air. The inflation nozzle is an 8 mm quick connector, which can be fast connected and disconnected.
  • Wide Application: Adjustable pressure gauge, bleed valve, burst disc, and fuse make the paintball compressor more secure. With the wire spool and portable handgrip design, you don't need to worry about the wire winding, and it also is easy to take along and pack up. Suitable for PCP air rifle, paintball tank, air pistol, PCP air gun, mini diving bottle, etc.