Tuxing High Pressure Electric Compressor Double Cylinder - TXEDM041

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TXEDM041 is mini Two Stage Cylinder Compressor,Portable Compressor,Easy to carrying.working pressure 300bar/4500psi/30mpa,High pressure air pump inflating speed: 2800r/min.
TXEDM041 is two stage cylinder compressor heads,Fast filling speed,Suitable for filling large capacity tank.
TXEDM041 is Built-in drain system,Effectively separate oil-water and impurities.Use Burst disc,it will enter the anti-explosion system of the pressure over 45 MPA,Make sure safety.
This model is a general version.
It uses a pressure gauge with accurate readings,you need to shut down manually.
TUXING is a manufacturer specializing in PCP compressor and diving compressor, including high-pressure pumps, pcp compressors, high-pressure oil-water filters and carbon fiber/diving cylinders.