Acecare 9L Carbon Fibre Air Tank 300Bars/4500psi + Valve with Pressure Guage + Fill Station

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Includes: 9L Carbon Fiber Tank, Valve with Gauge, Fill Station with Hose, O-Rings.
The interior of our carbon fiber cylinder is made of high quality 6061 aluminum alloy material, which outside is wrapped with imported carbon fiber and glass resin for protection. The products have been inspected by water pressure, air tightness, blasting and so on before they leave the factory. We guarantee that every product is qualified when it leaves the factory.
Compared to steel and aluminum cylinders, Carbon fiber cylinders can save 40 to 70 percent weight, which are easier to carry, and the their pressure can reach to 30 Mpa. The straight thread size of bottle mouth is M18*1.5.

  • 4500 psi fill pressure
  • Full 15-Year life
  • M18*1.5 Threading
  • Filled with compressed air
  • 4500psi working pressure
  • 15 years life span
  • CE certification
  • Detailed product parameters are marked on the body of the tank
  • Suitable for PCP airsoft or paintball sport
  • Lightweight and convenient 
  • Seamless design
  • Prevent compression and shrink
  • Imported material

Comes unfilled as from Factory.