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Air Venturi Avenge-X Classic X1-BS Bottle PCP Air Rifle 5.5mm/0.22 - Black

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Air Venturi AVENGE-X is a modular Airgun system which is rarest in the world. Manufactured by Nova Vista renowned for Leviathan PS-R2, Alpha P1 & Behemoth PS-R2. 

The modular design allows the gun to change to 3 different calibers and 8 different stocks, it can reach more 80 different combinations. Some of the parts can also be swapped with AR accessories.

Whatever you can imagine is possible with the AVENGE-X.


- Velocity Up to 1000 FPS

- 3 external points of performance tuning

- Available in .177 .22 .25 interchangeable calibers

- Side-Lever Action / Ambidextrous

- Includes Rotary Magazine & Single-shot tray

- 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger

- 360cc

- 250bar / 3650psi

- External Adjustable Regulator

- Quick Disconnect fill fitting

- Shrouded barrel with ½ x 20 threads

Model: AVENGE-X (X1-BS)

Color: Synthetic black

Action Type: Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP)

Caliber: .177 (4.5mm) / .22 (5.5mm) / .25 (6.35mm)

Velocity: Up to 1000 fps 

Air capacity: 360cc bottle

Barrel Type: Rifled Steel

Scopeable: Picatinny

Forend Rail: Picatinny

Weight: 3.60 kg

Dimensions: 1118mm x 190mm x 75mm