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FrogLube Extreme CLP 1.5 oz Squeeze Tube - 15248

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      • Features

        • Extended Temperature Range, -40°F to Above
        • Firearm Operation Temps
        • Eliminates Burnt Gun Care Product
        • Bons to the Metal
        • Water Insoluble
        • Greater than 700°F Flash Point Heat Resistant
        • All Food Grade Ingredients
        • USDA Certified Bio-Based


      FrogLube's new bio-based CLP formula was developed to allow for professionals to transition between sub-zero conditions through high temperatures without having to change out their bio-based lubricant. The name "EXTREME" was coined during testing when it was discovered to work in every climate from -40°F and all the way above +125°F. FrogLube's new EXTREME is pour-able in freezing climates and stays intact during high heat operations. Other Benefits to FrogLube CLP include reducing fouling on tactical rifles used in high volume round counts. The Extreme CLP functions extremely well on "tight actions" or precision built firearms. The Extreme CLP can be mixed with standard FrogLube CLP and comes with U.S. Army Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance.