Gamo C-15 Blowback Co2 Powered Air Pistol 4.5mm/0.177

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Gamo’s C-15 Blowback is a new Gamo dual fuel C02 pistol. In order to enhance the authentic look and feel to an already proven design and recognised craftsmanship, this semi-automatic CO2 powered pellet pistol is equipped with a realistic Blowback action, which uses a small portion of air to move the slide backward when shooting.

  • . 177
  • <7.5 Joules
  • 125 m/s
  • Single or double action
  • Manual safety Mechanism
  • Weaver rail for tactical flashlight or laser
  • 8-shot rotary steel BB's & pellet magazine (16 shots total capacity)
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Realistic metal blowback
  • Fixed Sights