Gamo P900 Gunset Spring Air Pistol 4.5mm/0.177 with Pellet Trap, Targets & tin of 250 Pellets

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Gamo’s P-900 is a spring-piston Air Pistol with Break Barrel cocking system. It fits properly to those shooters who enjoy target shooting at ranges around 15 meters. This pistol incorporates in the sighting system Truglo optical fibre, and it comes with ergonomic and ambidextrous grip and turns to be the most economic choice among the accurate air pistols range. The Gunset format includes a genuine Gamo pellet trap and a tin of Gamo Match pellets.

The gun operates on breaking-barrel system. Pistol is made of high quality polymer. It also has a well-shaped grip and thus fits to all hands.

It is a very simple and cheap gun. It is fully functional and shooting accuracy is sufficient. It is mainly suitable for recreational shooting. Important is that it is very durable.

  • .177
  • < 7.5 Joules
  • 105 m/s
  • Double action
  • Manual safety Mechanism
  • Rail not available
  • Single shot loading capacity
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Non-blowback
  • Fixed Sights