Glock 17 Co2 Powered Pellet/BB Air Pistol 4.5mm/0.177 with Original Glock Box - Blowback

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GLOCK 17 - The Original. The tradition-rich polymer pistol from the Austrian gun manufacturer also inspires recreational shooters worldwide with its iconic design and reliability.

The CO2-powered airgun perfectly captures this fascination by combining a precise system for diabolos and steel BBs in 4.5 mm caliber with a powerful recoil. Identical to the original in dimensions and markings, the ideal combination of precision and authenticity results from the rifled precision barrel, a heavy metal slide and authentic controls.

The practical All-in-One magazine holds four clips (8 rounds each) and the propellant 12 g CO2 capsule. For the absolute GLOCK experience, this G17 comes in the original GLOCK case.

Energy level (E₀) < 3.0 J
Velocity (V₀) 130 m/s (427 fps)
Caliber 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet / BB
Power source 1x 12 g CO₂
Magazine capacity 8 rounds
Shot capacity 120 rounds
Trigger Single / Double Action
Safety Sliding Safety
Length 205 mm
Weight 795 g
Holster type A