Hante Shooting Chronograph HT-X3006

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Technical parameters

Brand Name: HANTE
Fierate: 0-3600 shoot/minute
Velocity: 2-1500m/s(10-5000 fps)
Energy: 0-999 J
Range: 0-999 m
Accuracy: error≤0.5%
Weight input range: 0.01g-99.99g
Caliber input range: 0.01mm-99.99mm
Main dimensions: HT-X3005(44*73*33mm)
Protection tube diameter: HT-X3005(17mm)
Working environment temperature:-10℃~+50℃

Page Turning

Short press key ● to Turning Page。
Page 1 displays weight,caliber,
Page 2 displays weight,caliber,
range,fierate,energy per unit.

Check the battery

Press key▲ to enter the power display interface. When the power isexhausted, it will display low battery, flash warning, andautomatically shut down.

Test data playback

Press key▼to enter the setting menu, move the cursor to ‘DATA PLAYBACK’, Press key●to view,Press key▲/▼to page.Press key● to exit.

Please refer to the instruction manual for more operations