Nova Vista

Nova Vista BB15 Commando Gas Piston Break Barrel Air Rifle 5.5mm/0.22 - Wooden

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Combination of classic design and modern tactical break barrel air rifle in an all-weather synthetic construction, finished in Phantom Elite iconic black, wood and camouflage.


- Velocity Up to 950 FPS 

- Fixed Front Sight

- Adjustable Rear Sight

- Gas Piston Powered

Model: Commando BB15-WD

Description: Break Barrel Air Rifle

Brand: Phantom Elite

Color: Wood

Action Type: Break Barrel

Caliber:.177 (4.5mm) / .22 (5.5mm)

Velocity: Up to 950 fps

Barrel Type: Rifled Steel

Front Sight: Fiber Optic

Rear Sight: Adjustable with Fiber Optic

Mounting Rail: Dovetail

Weight: 3.4 kg

Dimensions: 1180mm x 50mm x 205mm