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Scoped Air Rifle/Rifle Cover - 52"

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Good Quality Foam Padded Cover & Gun Bag For Airguns, Rifles.

Length: 52 Inches 

Suitable For Model : Artemis SR1250 Synthetic, Baikal MP512, Reximex Daystar With Moderator, Nova Vista Alpha With Moderator, Nova Vista Leviathan With Moderator, Avenge-X Classic X1-AS Tube With Moderator, Avenge-X Classic X1-AW Tube With Moderator, Avenge-X Classic X1-BS Bottle With Moderator, Artemis M16 With Moderator, Artemis M16A With Moderator, Kral Puncher Auto Marine With Moderator, Kral Puncher Jumbo With Moderator, Artemis M22 With Moderator, Cometa Lynx V10 With Moderator,       

The Color Depends On Availability & May Differ From Shown In The Pictures, Please Confirm Before Ordering & We Will Share With You The Available Colors.