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T-Eagle SR 3-9x40 AO IR HK Reticle Scope - Red

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T-EAGLE introduce new products are on the market! T Eagle Scope SR 3-9X40AOIR has been aiming to design and produce high-performance sports optical products since its establishment. T Eagle Scope SR 3-9X40AOIR is a dynamic concept model that meets the needs of the majority of professional and leisure Hunter Set cool and practical in one! The high-quality light path system and the large field of view design can meet the practical needs in various complex environments. The exceptionally wide picture can enable Hunter to obtain the most comprehensive view when tracking and hunting. Using the classic HAWKE differentiation, it can accurately meet the needs of the majority of players, can aim and shoot at medium and long distances, and can effortlessly provide the best performance even in harsh conditions. Ultra-thin frame, quick eye-catching, instant imaging! High light transmittance imaging effect for real shots in rainy days. 3-9 times AO objective lens with adjustable resolution, with light and lock, with original extinction tube and dust cover, length is only 32cm Tire-shaped adjustment button design SR series Red is more than classic! The most worthwhile model in this price range