Tuxing 4 Stage High Pressure Handpump - Black

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  • This air pump PCP high pressure is used for air driving cylinder and PCP cylinder, Convenient foldable base. safe and convenience to bring outside for sporting and hunting.
  • PCP pistols & rifles and any brand of PCP gun with a male Foster quick-disconnect on its reservoir.
  • Max pressure:4500psi/310bar.(use only the correct pressure rated for your gun) (although some of the guns listed above operate on a max pressure of 2000 or 3,000 psi).
  • Generation 4 technology requires less effort than competitors
  • Compartment in handle holds spare parts.
  • Requires less effort than other pumps.
  • Super cooling, Solid cooling, durable.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Integral air pressure gauge 6000psi
  • Big Air filter included to prevent moisture.